At a time when our interaction with nature is limited to our backyards, we take inspiration from the healing qualities and the sheer beauty of our nature by introducing TuK - 100% pure biodegradable products for women for an intimate and pure feel. Given the span of years from menarche (a girl’s first bleed) to menopause, ovulatory-menstrual cycle knowledge, and skills which go with the phases of the moon are useful over a lifetime. Redefining the story by switching to a natural, safer product that does not have any harmful chemicals or plastic. A woman's intimate care is as important as her personal care. Let's solemnize the 'green mensuration'.

The skin-friendly, medicated and scented pads have been made of bio-actives extracted from plants. The bio-actives will prevent bacterial and fungal infection and also UTI-related diseases.

The plant extracts used in this product provide comfort, heal skin infections and minimize irritation.